The Project

BEST FRIENDS against Ageism – Intergenerational workshops between old people and children to break the isolation of elderly people and support their social inclusion is a project co-funded by Erasmus + – KA2: Strategic Partnership | Adult Education and it aims to address the isolation of elderly people by developing an innovative curriculum for social care workers/volunteers and games that promote intergenerational communication and learning. The project seeks to address the negative attitudes against elderly people and ageism which are increasingly becoming a significant challenge of modern eras.

Within this context, the main objectives of the BEST FRIEND project are:

To provide an innovative method for social workers, volunteers, and educators working with elderly people

To break the isolation of elderly people through social participation and inclusion in EU communities

To improve the physical and mental health of older people through interaction with young children

To enrich the learning processes of elderly people through their interaction with young children

To promote intergenerational relationships, overcome stereotypes and enhance intergenerational solidarity against ageism through fun activities

To increase children’s self-confidence and sense of responsibility through respecting seniors

Following activities will be implemented in the frame of BEST FRIENDS project results:

Focus groups with elderly people, social care workers and social care volunteers

Records of Autobiographical Life Stories Videos

Collection of good practices to provide organisations with a method to enhance planning in the field of intergenerational learning and to raise awareness at the local and national level about intergenerational learning as an area of professional and social action

Staff training on Best Friends approach, good practices and methodological concepts

Collection of tools for social care workers, volunteers, elderly people, educators

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